Croquis with Lars Christian Kræmmer 

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Gallery Sapere Aude

Croquis with Lars Christian Kræmmer 


400 DKK


This experience can be held at your location (up to 50 participants) or at the gallery (up to 40 participants).
Gallery Sapere Aude
Ved Glyptoteket 6
1575 Copenhagen V

About the Experience 

Join me for an intimate Croquis drawing workshop! We will focus on classical methods and aim to teach you new drawing skills or help you improve existing skills. I will also share some more experimental drawing approaches and techniques, and stories told from a long life of art and adventure! You need no previous experience to participate, but if you do have some, I will try to help you get even better. After many years of art school and art practice, I have developed my own style and idea of drawing and I am excited to share these with you in the heart of my own studio! Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

Lars Christian Kræmmer Ticket Includes: – 2-hour Croquis experience taught by Lars Christian Kræmmer – Guidance and drawing instructions for everyone to follow – Introduction to unique Croquis/ Figure Drawing techniques developed by Lars – All the art materials for each guest, including: drawing paper, drawing boards, and pencils – Professional Croquis model Location:  

Please note that if the experience is hosted at the clients location, an additional transport fee will apply depending on the clients address.  

Who is this for? This Croquis experience is suitable for the complete beginner and the seasoned sketcher. It is perfect for groups of friends or colleagues who are looking to get together and have a creative and memorable time! What is Figure Drawing – also known as Croquis? Figure drawing is the art of sketching the human figure, often done live with a nude model who is standing or sitting in a pose that emphasises the figure. Figure drawings or croquis drawings are usually made in a few minutes, after which the model changes pose and another croquis is drawn. The word croquis comes from French and means simply “sketch”. The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts, and the human figure can be the basis of portraiture, illustration, sculpture, medical illustration, and other fields. In this course, taught by Lars, you are invited to explore the world of figure drawing in a relaxed social setting. 

Your Hosting Artist: Lars Christian Kræmmer 

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