We sell art made by well-known artists from all over the world and run a large gallery in the heart of Copenhagen.

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Services for your company

In connection with the gallery, we have some different services that we offer
  • Leasing art

  • Art specially adapted to your company
  • Rebranding your company based on a strong identity-creating artistic and sustainable approach
  • Decorating your business based on an artistic and sustainable approach
  • Portrait photographs or portrait paintings of the company, management and/or employees
  • Artist talk in your company or in Gallery Sapere Aude
  • Creative artistic processes with the employees and/or management

  • Advice on the purchase of modern art
  • Exhibit in your company’s art association
  • Art printed or painted on your company’s products
  • Events
  • Public institutions

Gallery Sapere Aude was established in 2018

by Peter Haisler.

The gallery is a cutting-edge art gallery focusing on high quality Danish and international contemporary art. The gallery mainly exhibits paintings, however we also exhibit a variety of other media e.g. works on paper, photos, and sculptures.

Sapere aude is the Latin phrase meaning “Dare to know”. The term is also loosely translated as “Dare to be wise”, or even more loosely as “Dare to think for yourself!”.

The Services

Gallery Sapere Aude offer the following services:

Sale and leasing of art

Paintings & Posters

We offer a big variety og artworks

Book or register your own events in the gallery

Here you can register for one of the events in the gallery, or you can book your own event in the gallery.
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